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BukaBlog Shopping Blogger Template


Themeidn, BukaBlog is the theme of the first type of blogspot online store in Indonesia that has similarities to the Bukalapak market pleace. Join thousands of other template users by starting to sell products. Your store's security is guaranteed safe - Receive your purchases from Google and social media. Come buy and make an online shop now! BukaBlog is present as a blogspot online store template with a checkout system to WhatsApp & Paypal. This allows anyone to buy products easily online. Means of online sales BukaBlog has a vision to become the number one online store template in Indonesia with a mission to help SMEs throughout Indonesia. Everyone in Indonesia can sell superior products on the BukaBlog theme by creating a cheap online store only on Blogspot.


  • Warna template bisa dirubah (Otomatis)
  • Keranjang belanja
  • Schema markup 100% Valid
  • Widget layout version 2
  • Related produk
  • Widget menu notifikasi
  • Widget pop up Profile blogger
  • Menu linkList
  • Menu navigasi
  • Live search
  • Search form
  • Label produk dropdown
  • Slider Caraousel Image
  • Label gambar produk
  • Widget sosial media
  • 5 footer kolom
  • Subscribe email
  • Widget livechat WhatsApp
  • Posting produk mudah (tidak perlu kode HTML)
  • Mendukung Penulisan Artikel (New)
  • Mendukung ongkos kirim  sesuai Wilayah (New)
  • Costum widget layout
  • Icon SVG, FontAwesome & Ionicon
  • Javascript Lazyload
  • Javascript Jquery v3.5.0
  • Multi Bahasa template
  • Rating produk
  • Widget costum Populert produk
  • Template mudah diatur
  • Mendukung 12 mata uang Negara
  • Checkout via form WhatsApp
  • Checkout via Paypal | Tidak tersedia lagi
  • Widget pembayaran & pengiriman
  • Footer bisa dihapus di Tata letak
  • Komentar blogger
  • Fiktur lainnya menyusul..

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