Documentation Blanter Safelink

For the Continue button, you can place it according to your wishes because I use the innerHTML method to bring up the Continue button. For the ad box, I have also prepared special HTML to install it in certain positions such as the ad box on the left and right positions of the article. Oh yes, setting up the safelink is very easy, you know for example like this:

var seconds = 12; // Countdown Timer
var blog_url=""; // Homepage Blog Safelink
var article1="/2017/07/lucid-dreaming.html"; // Article 1
var article2="/2017/07/english-vocabulary.html"; // Article 2
var article3="/2017/07/material-design.html"; // Article 3
var recentpost_url = "",numPosts = 8; // URL Recent Post
var teksadblock="Please disable your Adblocker! Thanks.
Harap nonaktifkan Adblocker Anda! Terima kasih."; // Teks Adblock